Y2K Heaven

Fanci Club is a new brand I discovered after seeing a post on @gobIinarchive’s Twitter – instantly fell in love with the pieces and created outfits based on these pictures they posted in regards to Fanci club’s FW2021 Collection called ‘Mary has a little lamb’ :

Located in Vietnam, they create custom fitted clothing pieces for each and every person as their website says ‘We at @fanci.club treasure identities and love. Carrying that message brings us gratitude for nature, and an abundance of joy to celebrate kindness and life.’ This message really made me understand and gain interest in their collections, because they create pieces for various people with their own different interests and clothing styles.

For me, their constant bow and tying details stood out to me most, alongside their colorful and also occasional pastel colored clothing, reminding me extremely of Y2K inspired fits that have recently been coming back into fashion trends, ever since 2020/2021. Y2K inspired clothing has been on the top of my tier list ever since the trend started coming back during, and also a bit before the global pandemic and all the lockdowns. They incorporate both futuristic and retro styles, as www.thetrendspotter.net said ‘think shiny materials, chunky sneakers, pleated skirts, baguette bags, and colorful sunglasses.’

reference pics: https://twitter.com/highendhomo/status/1417592675759316993?lang=en

Make sure to check them out at https://fanciclub.com !

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