2022 for Vogue

Since the year is about to end, I thought I’d share some of my all-time favourite covers of this year, highlighting editorials from all of the popular Vogue magazines!

January’s pick was VOGUE Italia’s cover, featuring paralympian Veronica Yoko Plebani. I just loved the whole floral, blue theme, especially as it really complemented her outfit and her stark blue eyes. The cover really send out the message that no matter what impairments one may have, everyone is beautiful in their own way and should have confidence :

As for February’s cover, I think most people would agree that British VOGUE really pulled it off. Dressed in all-black Prada, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, and Miu Miu, all nine models really looked stunning and captivated my attention immediately :

For March, I had to include VOGUE China’s cover. I personally love the different warm-toned colour scheme, as well as the important message of the cover itself – ‘every’body, highlighting that there is no standard, beautiful body – everyone is beautiful in their own way, just like January’s cover :

My pick for April definitely has to go to VOGUE Italia once again, starring Vittoria Ceretti as the cover star. I loved how her colourful jewellery contrasted the black and white setting of the background, and herself, dressed in Saint Laurent and Swarovski :

May’s pick definitely has to go to VOGUE Singapore’s famous cover, featuring Lucia and photographed by Zhang Ahuei. Zhang is by far one of the most outstanding photographers’ whose work I’m constantly obsessed with. The pictorials and photoshoots always look so flawless and aesthetically pleasing it blows me away :

As for June, I had to give it to VOGUE Italia once again, featuring one of the most charismatic and stunning models I adore, Adut Akech. I love the black and white, as well as all her bold Chanel jewellery :

July is in my top 3 of this year’s cover, thats a given. Kim Heejune, another photographer I love photographed Dragon for VOGUE Korea’s July 2022 cover. Everything goes extremely well together in this pictorial – I adore the contrast between the bold VOGUE heading, the hair and the roses, all being in similar shades of pink going hand-in-hand with the verdant background :

Another one of my absolute top 3 picks goes to VOGUE India and their magnificent cover dedicated to the LGBTQIA+ community. I love the representation in this cover, showing faces of 9 gorgeous people in their own beauty. ‘Come as you are’ speaks to me as well, as it signifies that everyone is and should be welcome, no matter who they are, where they’re from and who they identify as :

My pick for september goes to VOGUE China’s Issue, photographed by Solve Sundsbo. I am an avid lover of futuristic fashion, which was present throughout the whole magazine as well as the cover, therefore definitely being a top pick of mine :

October’s favourite goes to VOGUE Singapore, with their first ever solo-male cover starring one of my favourite artists’ Jackson Wang. He absolutely pulled it off and was dressed in some of my most liked high fashion brands, including Cartier, Ludovic de Saint Sernin and Rick Owens :

VOGUE France really pulled it off with November’s cover, starring Grace Elizabeth photographed by Angelo Pennetta. Her haute couture outfit really embodies the chic and extravagant theme VOGUE France was going for, and she absolutely killed it :

Last but definitely not least, VOGUE Hong Kong’s December’s cover, being my last top 3 pick, starring BLACKPINK’s Rosé photographed by Kin Heejune. I just love everything about this pictorial, ranging from Rosé herself to her dressed in head-to-toe in Saint Laurent :

All image sources : vogue