28 reasons

Recently, one of my favourite artists had her solo debut, Kang Seulgi from the group Red Velvet with her 1st mini album called ’28 reasons’, depicting the idea of conflicting feelings of love.

First of all, I really have to compliment and congratulate her on this huge opportunity to showcase her individual talents and persona. The album consists of 6 tracks, including the title track ’28 reasons’, with one of the most amazing music videos I’ve seen by the Korean music industry.

Seulgi shows a clear distinction between two characters of herself, as she seems to be portraying a good and evil side. The innocent and sweet side is her dressed in white, and the other being her opposite persona — dark, gothic and rebellious, being a portrayal of an evil side of herself. As leisurebyte mentioned, the dark aura and black clothes show her dangerous side, and her innocent expressions in white show her helpless side wanting to escape. Both her white dresses — here the deconstructed cream dress from Marina Eerie — accentuate her innocent side.

On the other hand, she’s wearing a contrastingly black belted set and other outfits with largely dark and red clothing & accessories. From head to toe she’s dressed in Mugler, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga and Lado Bokuchava. I’m an avid lover of Mugler and their subversive, asymmetrical collections and pieces, and believe that her blazer fits the concept extremely well. The Balenciage Cagole boots are also one of my Favorit pieces she wore in her concept photos, extremely fitting with the overall vibe of the darker look.

She really pulls off each and every one of her concepts and looks and I really adore all of them, especially the more dark, femme and fierce ones in this music video and album.

Here are some additional photos! I also posted some matching my theme on my instagram account : @archastic. The white dress she’s wearing is the off-white MALIA mini dress from the brand NANUSHKA, paired with the buckle ankle boots from Alexander McQueen:

Image credits : kpopping.com