Miss Sohee’s divine debut !

Probably a collection I’ve been most excited about writing about – miss sohee’s 2023 haute couture spring collection! Her ‘divine’ debut in Paris Couture Week has been spiralling all across my social media, especially going viral on TikTok. As far as I can remember, I’ve only seen one of her previous works last year, but this collection really proved her talents and capabilities.

The chosen color palette for all the looks really caught my eye. “It’s always about drama and fantasy,” she explained. “But this time it’s darker, sexier. There’s lots of black, it’s such a seductive color that gives depth and mystery. I wanted to play with the idea of shadows, so I added veils and transparencies.” (Vogue) I personally really loved that she didn’t go for predictable and general designs nor concept, but kept it classy whilst also detailed. I really admired her strong but elegant creations, all being unique pieces on their own. Most of the looks are also extremely fitted to the model’s body and frame, maintaining the hourglass look she was going for, enhancing all their natural silhouettes.

all image credits via vogue.com