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Even though I’m personally not a fan of Twice, their recent cosmopolitan photoshoot really stood out to me! They discussed about the Korean music industry while recalling past and current experiences as artists, talked about their solo promotions and their world tour they had been so excited about.

members : jihyo, tzuyu & momo

The word “unreal” was repeated when the nine members talked about their career with Kat Moon during their interview in may before performing at the Banc of California Stadium. A member, San, mentioned that in the beginning of their debut days the group had really hoped that one day, they would hold a concert of our own – and now they’re holding concerts in Korea, in the U.S., and all over the world, and that that’s really unreal. (

They spoke about their world tour and how they’ve changed from their debut in 2015 to now, and what it’s really like to experience this level of global fame – ‘its ups, downs and everything in between’. (

I loved the camera angles and clothing the members were wearing, and especially how three members each matched and had their own vibe different from the other two groups of members. I think that each of the colours that they’re dressed in respectively extremely suit them : greens, reds and pinks. Overall, an incredible and memorable photoshoot.

reference link : with interviewer Kat Moon & photographer Ruo Bing Li

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