Cyber madness!

After seeing and saving some of my recent pinterest pins to my fashion inspo and art boards, some of the pins really reminded me of one of the most legendary photoshoots ever, at least to me, which was AESPA’s SAVAGE concept photoshoot from last year.

Even though these are only a few examples, the cyber aesthetic really intrigues and interests me since its not a conventional or ‘normal’ aesthetic you see on an everyday basis, relating it to my previous posts and comments as well – being extremely futuristic and unique.

One of my liked girl groups, AESPA, released their first mini-album EP ‘SAVAGE’, composed with a total of 6 songs including pop, hyper- and electro pop, almost being expressed physically through their incredible photoshoot and outfits!

Member : karina

member : giselle

member : winter

Their ‘Hallucination Quest’ teaser pictures were some of my top favourites as well:

group photo

From the lighting, background unto their outfits, colour-sheme and makeup, everything fit perfectly into the futuristic, cyber aesthetic of the SAVAGE album. The close-ups and the fisheye perspective in the previous photoshoot adds to the chosen theme and concept too. Overall, as said, this is one of the most legendary and memorable concept photoshoots ever 🙂

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