Doja being the icon of the icons

One, or probably the most legendary outfits at the 2022 Grammy’s, was definitely Doja Cat’s custom made Versace gown paired with her Coperni glass bag, which has recently been blowing up online.

The gown was inspired by the dress Marilyn Monroe wore to sing “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” to President John F. Kennedy in 1962, according to an Instagram post made by Versace itself. Even though her dress was the moment and was le-gen-dary, the little bag she had paired up, matching so well with her whole look really intrigued me.

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Usually, luxury or even regular bags are made of leather or any other fabric material, since that’s the default material of a bag to be usable conveniently, but after I got to know about her Coperni Glass swipe Bag she was carrying (filled with Werther’s candy btw) I had to check it out myself.

I know that the general fashion industry is so vast, filled with many popular and smaller creators and designers with their own legendary and main designs, but never have I ever seen such a perfect looking ‘glass’ bag.

According to, ‘For Fall 2022, the brand collaborated with Heven, a hand-blown glass company founded by Breanna Box and Peter Dupont, having the duo render the Swipe bag in glass. The shape of the bag is inspired by the ‘swipe to unlock’ feature on an iPhone, and has since become easily the most recognizable piece carried by the brand. Each glass version of the Swipe is made from one piece of glass, then drilled into and opened with scissors to allow for storage. The lengths we go to.’

And of course, for fashion even I would go to any lengths to make a piece look good. That’s fashion. Some stuff or pieces may not be the most comfortable or convenient, but they all have their uniqueness and process behind them. This fact stood out to me through the coperni bag.

The bag replicates the original shape of the brand’s bags, but it’s transformed into a unique ‘glass’ bag, creating a completely new level of how far fashion creations can go, and of course Doja completely nailed it.