Hold your breath, love dive!

I literally gasped when I saw my fav IVE members – pictorial photos for WKorea’s May 2022 issue – they literally look so stunning!

They’re dressed in Comme de Garçons, Bumiette, Yohei Ono by Adecube, shoes made by Velentino Garawani, LOEWE and so many more.

Their photoshoot had a very colourful, pink and pastel vibe, which really suits the members and goes hand in hand with their recent concept of ‘LOVE DIVE’ and its MV.

IVE charted on Billboard for 10 consecutive weeks & their debut song ‘Eleven’ MV reached 100 million views in only 3 months. Just recently the members came back with their second single album which has surpassed over 120 million views as well, resulting in huge success for the group as a whole.

I really liked their outfits for this pictorial – everything is kept very classy and elegant with not too much going on, also using minimal accessories and extra details, matching the simplistic, pastel vibe as well.

member : liz

credits : https://www.wkorea.com/2022/09/03/프리즈-서울에서-만나는-브레게 & https://www.wkorea.com/2022/09/03/프리즈-서울에서-만나는-브레게