Little mermaid inspired

Nicola Brognano’s recent Blumarine RTW Spring 2023 collection immediately caught my and literally everyone online’s attention. The collection is inspired by “The Little Mermaid” and Britney Spears’ 2001 AMAs denim look. According to VOGUE, during his childhood, the designer loved the little mermaid cartoon so much that his VHS broke after watching it so many times.

According to Nicola Brognano the mermaid is the “new incarnation” of the Blumarine girl. He stated that the little mermaid was a redhead, just like his mother, and he loved the way she dressed – “all those eye-popping colors” as he mentioned (

With this collection, the designer created a significantly darker and gothic look, as he said he wanted to make it more “intriguing and sexier, less pop, much dirtier.”

The Blumarine girl’s image appears to be subjected to a constant process of mutation into ever-evolving versions of herself, he said in the interview. “Less girly, more femme” was his approach for this spring collection. This post contains some of my top favourite looks of the day.

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