Modernized Regency fashion

I saw one of my old favorite musicians and their group members with custom fitted haute couture of a brand called @denicheur.official by artist Seo Seung Yeon, whose clothing pieces really stood out to me and reminded me of those looks and dresses from the show itself. 

Denicheur replicated and has created exactly this : modern-day Regency Era pieces. 

They include many types of material, layering styles and small fabric details completely  transforming the pieces from dresses into actual art pieces. literally. 

Their recent pieces are more stylistically more modern, combining the art of corsets from the Regency era and mixing those with modern-day looks. 

The cutest modern Bridgerton era pieces ever

Abhita Madan

I personally love their shorter dresses, even though I’m not a dress person, and the rushed or pleated skirts give even more details and accentuates the corset fitted top, making both go hand in hand with each other. 

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