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Hann, also known as @900xthousand, is a perfect example of a subversive fashion influencer who mixes and matches her looks between many styles and aesthetics. Those include elegant, classy, streetwear and many other pieces she puts together perfectly, flawlessly giving and presenting the best outfits ever. In her more recent Instagram posts, she creates collages as her post header, zooming into the outfit’s details, making all her posts look incredibly sophisticated.

My personal favs are these outfits:

Most of them include grey, asymmetrical pieces, scarves, leg warmers and chunky shoes — correlating perfectly into subversive fashion. They have been ‘twisted off their axis—sometimes subtly, sometimes not-so-subtly’ (gq.com), creating a well-balanced, layered outfit. She also pays a lot of attention to her accessories, such as jewellery and bags, her hair and the background/setting she finds herself in, which completes her feed in the best way possible :))

make sure to check her out on her IG : @900xthousand !

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