shooting star ✩

My girls XG are back with their third single ‘SHOOTING STAR’, probably with one of the coolest and futuristic concepts I’ve ever seen in Kpop and the industry. The single album consists of two songs – of course ‘SHOOTING STAR’ itself, and a song called ‘LEFT RIGHT.’ Both the songs immediately made it to my daily playlist, for obvious reasons, but this post in specific is completely dedicated to their both fierce and cutesy concept photos.

I LOVED the tooth gems, all-blue hair and cold tone makeup soso much. Everything complimented itself so much as well, especially their neutral-toned outfits, their accessories and the straight hairstyles.

This photoshoot stood out to me in the same way as the previous one, especially the hot pink background which made all of their makeup pop even more. Their hair needs a whole separate paragraph because I really cannot get enough of it. I love the color combos, the twists and all the accessories. They are all literally to die for TT.

Their other concept photos, which in my opinion I would call extremely dreamy, vibrant and futuristic at the same time, were one of the COOLEST as well. I’m obsessed with the blurring, outfits and overall color-scheme for this one.

Last but ofc not least, I cannot forget their ID card collection. I’d for sure have to say that they pulled off this whole concept effortlessly and can take on any concept whatsoever, be it cutesy or badass.

On a side note, since this last concept collection looks like an iPhone screen on a bereal, I’ll start making each member my wallpaper week by week (lol).