I definitely had to write about the legendary Gaurav Gupta and his recent S/S couture 2023 collection after seeing some of the most popular and mainstream artists wear his works. To me, his works seem as a truly interesting and exuberant take on futurism and modernised fashion, especially couture. His recent collection, called ‘SHUNYA’, ‘explores the movement possibilities between zero and infinity with tangents of mythology, fantasy and surrealism’. Shunya is a Sanskrit word which translates as zero, which was discovered in India many centuries ago. ‘The stillness of zero and infinity expanded possibilities in studies of space and time’, as stated on

For his first showcase at Paris Haute Couture Week, he ‘delved deeper into his mindscape’ to present a concept which is ‘subliminal in thought and original in form.’ In my case, I’ve never seen works and pieces as unique and surreal as his. The extreme detailing and craftsmanship of the fabric along with the swooshes – what I call them – really make a statement.

This collection really resonates with me, due to his inclusivity in couture, as well as incorporating the saree, a statement piece of clothing in the Indian culture, and created into a westernised look. The materials satins, chiffons, and organzas are also fabrics commonly used in traditional Indian wear, and in this case were used to represent a sense of futurism. I couldn’t even manage to find one, single look that accounted as my favourite, because all of them are elegant, stunning and eye-catching.

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