Cutest spring collection

After my daily dose of Pinterest pins I discovered a cutesy brand called OZLANA, literally the cutest clothes on earth istg. I’ve also seen various TikTok’s about their clothing and collections.

Their brand was founded in 2014 and has become an iconic, luxury fashion brand in Australia. The brand highly focuses on ‘ecological balance and environmental protection’, using natural raw materials from Denmark, Sweden, Italy and Australia following high industrial standards with premium quality :

They gravitate towards the ‘romantic style’, and literally have the cutest designs ever. Most of their pieces I’ve seen from their spring 2022 collection have matching tops and bottoms, with lots and lots of accessories. The purses/bags and shoes also match the outfit in literal perfection.

all I gotta say is, I’m obsessed

Many clothing pieces are also made of fluffy material, giving off ‘soft’ vibes and ‘romantic’ style of clothing they’re going for – literally obsessed with their whole collection and their website has sm to choose from! Some more of my spring 2022 collection favs :

The colour scheme they go for also entirely makes up for the ‘romantic’ look : soft, pastel-like colours with low vibrancy, exactly matching the soft girl vibes. It also looks very elegant and classy, since the colours coordinate very well together, as mentioned before. Pom-poms are also used on the strings of most of their heels which I LOVE – sooo cute.

Their website :

Photo references :

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