The new it girl!

Even though I did post a few pics of some of her photoshoots on my IG, I really wanted to write about my current fav model Manzouxi!! I don’t think she has IG or any mainstream social media, but I found her account on Xiaohongshu – also called ‘China’s response to Instagram’, a very popular, well-known app used by millions in China.

One of her best photoshoots, according to me, was for the brand ANNO MUNDI, a brand with godly monochromatic pieces and aesthetic :

Also, I think that most of her photoshoots are incredible and extremely futuristic – incorporating many visual traits and aesthetics of cyberpunk as well!

Another one of her photoshoots I totally adore :

Note : I’m unsure wether these pics were for a brand or not, since her social media didn’t specify!

Lastly, her legendary photoshoot ‘green flow’ for :

As to why she really stood out to me, I fr never have one sole reason. The visuals, poses, outfits, accessories, facial expressions and gestures just spoke out to me. Most of Manzouxi’s facial expressions are the same, almost drawing my attention towards her.

All image credits go to her Xiaohongshu account – ID : 621814268