The new it girl!

A lil talk about my current fav model Manzouxi and two of her best photoshoots (according to me) !!

Color splash

Even though I’m personally not a fan of Twice, their recent cosmopolitan photoshoot really stood out to me!

Organic architecture

literally dreaming of my future home to look like this, since I’ve always been into somewhat unrealistic depictions architecture!

Love yourself, acubi club!

After Acubi Club going viral on TikTok’s amongst many people, acubi fashion has taken over new fashion trends and is my current favourite!

Cutest spring collection

after my daily dose of Pinterest pins I discovered a cutesy brand called OZLANA, their collection = literally the cutest clothes on earth!

Queen of archive

one of my favourite subversive clothing influencers Hann, also known as @900xthousand on IG!

Doja being the icon of the icons

probably the most legendary outfits worn at the 2022 Grammy’s, Doja Cat’s custom made Versace gown & Coperni glass bag!

Y2K Heaven

Fanci Club is a new brand I discovered after seeing a post on @gobIinarchive’s Twitter – instantly fell in love!

Modernized Regency fashion

saw one of my favorite musicians and their group members with custom fitted haute couture of @denicheur.official by artist Seo Seung Yeon!